Designer: Nick Ryan

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13 Warriors is a meticulously handcrafted Idyllwild Games original. Classical game looks mixed with modern mechanics and magnetic pieces. Imagine something like Chess + Wargaming.

  • Imagine something like Chess + Wargaming; each piece has specific hit-points, life-points and ranges of attack.
  • Wooden pieces are embedded with magnets to keep the game board clean and organized. No need to straighten stacked pieces while playing.
  • Attack Dice rolls + strategy determine outcomes of battles between pieces.
  • First player to defeat the other player’s Chieftain, wins.
  • Turns are based on 3 “Actions” per turn. (Example: Move, Move Attack, or Attack, Move, Attack, etc.)
  • Build and customize each of your Warriors before each match. Hundreds of possibilities each time you play!

Note: Please allow an additional 2 weeks shipping time, as this game is handcrafted, one at a time.