“POT” The Card Game


For the Cannabis Connoisseur. Trade frantically to collect 7 grams of the most potent cannabis. First player to 420 points wins!

Note: Only 4 decks left! Back-orders are available but the shipping time will be +1-2 weeks.



Each round; trade and negotiate with other players to collect 7 grams (7 cards) of the same strain of cannabis to obtain the highest amount of points possible. Once all 7 grams are in your hand, yell “Holdin’!” For that round; you receive the number of points that strain is worth. If you are “Holdin’!” with the Piece Card, this doubles your points for that round. If you are left with the Seeds Card, this deducts 20 from your points that round. First player to reach 420 points total wins!

POT The Card Game is a fast-paced, lively game full of frantic trading and bartering with other players. There are no “turns” in POT so you’ll never have to wait your turn or forget who went last, etc. It’s hard to believe how fun this game really is, POT will turn any circle or party into a special one and with 52 poker sized cards, including the rules, tucked neatly into one attractive box, you can carry POT anywhere!


Message From The Creator:

“I’m Nick Ryan, creator and artist of POT: The Card Game. I was inspired by old card games from the early 1900’s but wanted to add my own interesting twist. I’ve always loved the detailed, wood-cut-ish artwork from that era. I wanted to make a game where players didn’t know whether they were playing an antique game or something that was made yesterday.

Some might ask how I decided on the different strains of cannabis to use for the game. I did tons of research on THC levels and popularity, and I also asked several of my friends to make their own list that I could compare from. In addition, I tried to use strains that were timeless and recognizable.

POT is a pretty simple game but it’s extremely fun, engaging and intense. I’ve done A LOT of play testing and friends are always coming over asking to play POT again. I think you guys out there would really enjoy it too, but I need your help with funding high quality decks of the game. So become a POT head today and donate whatever you can. Thank you for the interest!”

-Nick Ryan of Idyllwild Games

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