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Online Shop & Dark Age Outpost Update

The website is back up and running with an online shop!

As of now, just some 3D files from Dark Age Outpost are available. 3D print as many copies as you want!

Dark Age Outpost Update:

Mold 1: Done
Mold 2: Done
Mold 3: Done
Mold 4: Done
Mold 5 (Hovel 1): Done
Mold 6 (Hovel 2): Done, late testing stages. (will have photos soon)
Mold 7 (Bits): Almost Done
Mold 8 (Keep + More Walls): In the works.

Some of the latest progress photos below. More coming soon.

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  1. Still excited for this, I am just glad that progress is continuing. I would much rather wait and have a great product, than settle for something 2nd rate. Keep up the good work, I understand its been challenging!

  2. Thanks Andy! Bob, we are still chuggin’ along, yes, very delayed I know… but out of our control unfortunately (the factory). 2018 will be FOR SURE the year of delivery. Hang in there with us!

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